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Our Mission: Make Hope Happen

The Pink Par-Tee 501c3 Fund provides financial support to help meet basic needs, decrease stress levels and allow breast cancer patients in active treatment to focus on healing. By partnering with cancer treatment centers in mid-Michigan, Pink Par-Tee fund donations are also used to purchase critical treatment tools used in radiation and chemotherapy.  Once diagnosed, your life changes, you are now a survivor and the support of funds like ours makes surviving just a little easier.

Our Story:

Two young mothers, members of Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club, created Pink Par-Tee in 2010 to honor their friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Event:

Attended by Warwick lady members and their friends, this fun-filled, annual golf event celebrates breast cancer survivors and honors those who have lost the fight.

The day begins with a fabulous breakfast buffet, followed by a heart-felt opening ceremony where attendees form a human-ribbon while joining together in song. Pink is everywhere, while 18-holes of fun-filled golf are played. Laughter and tears of joy fill the air as everyone knows their presence today will make a difference. The day concludes with a celebratory lunch followed by the most moving closing event ever. Song charms your senses, as butterflies are released, taking flight, symbolic of releasing oneself of this terrible disease.

A sold out event each year, Pink Par-Tee golf has raised over $150,000. Additional events include Pink Par-Tee tennis and Caddies for the Cause, a 9-hole couples golf event followed by dinner, fun and a live auction.

Pink Par-Tee is not possible with out the generous support of our sponsors – to whom we are forever grateful.


Pink Par-Tee is Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club’s annual signature golf event for charity. Sponsored by membership of Warwick Hills.

Nancy Gignac, Chairperson
Teresa McCulloch
Lisa O’Brien
Jennifer Lasco
Joanne Evans

Lynn Shegos
Joann Sly
Kathy Coriasso
Debra Blessing
Lori Estes

Jan Ryzdon
Roxanne Steffe
Julie Straka
Kelsey Koch